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Science,Technology, Family and Consumer Sciences

Stephanie Burns - Director of Science, FACS and Technology
Phone: 631-244-2228 X1058


Summer Assignments for Honors and AP Level Science Courses

Honors and Advanced Placement Science Summer Assignments are accessible via the Teacher’s Google Classroom, or by using the link above. Your student received an invite code prior to the end of June, if they registered for honors and AP level science classes including:

  • AP Bio 9
  • AP Bio 11/12
  • AP Chemistry
  • AP Environmental Science
  • AP Physics I
  • Chemistry Honors
  • Life Science: Biology Honors

Additional copies and textbooks for AP Physics 1 can be found in the High School Guidance Office.

Department Goals

The Science, Family and Consumer Sciences and Technology Education Departments in the Connetquot Central School District provide students from grades K-12 with age-appropriate, challenging instructional experiences. All levels of instruction departmentally expose students to a variety of subjects including life and physical sciences, and the development of life and career readiness skills.

Our department goals include:

  • Increasing students' understanding of the sciences and their important role historically, currently, and into the future.
  • Preparing students for college and career pursuits.
  • Encouraging students to become informed, prepared citizens who strive to discuss and become involved in science-related issues in an intelligent manner.
  • Adhering to and implementing safe laboratory and classroom environments in accordance with all regulations.
  • Providing high-quality resources and professional learning opportunities for department staff.

Description of Programs

Elementary Level Science (ELS) - Grades K-5

Students in all Connetquot K-5 schools will explore life, physical, Earth and space sciences through a variety of learning modalities. Their course of study is aligned with the three dimensions of science learning outlined in the New York State P12 Science Learning Standards. Learning topics include: properties of matter, measurement skills, living and nonliving organisms, weather, climate, human sustainability, space sciences, electricity and magnetism, energy, simple machines and engineering design practices. Students in grade 5 will take the elementary level science exam at the end of the year. This exam covers all science topics from grades 3-5, both in performance and written form. Please see the New York State Education Department website for more information about K-5 science education and this document which discusses performance level descriptions for the fifth grade elementary level science exam.

Intermediate Level Science (ILS) - Grades 6-8

Students in both of Connetquot’s middle schools will continue science study in more depth than what was experienced in the primary grades. Intermediate grade level science topics include deeper explorations of life, physical, Earth and space sciences through hands-on learning experiences that are challenging and age-appropriate.

Many of Connetquot’s eighth graders begin their high school science journey by taking accelerated Regents Earth Science, while others continue taking intermediate eighth grade science. Grade 8 students take the intermediate level science exam, which covers all science topics from grades 6-8, both in performance and written form. Accelerated Regents Earth Science students take the Regents exam in eighth grade. Please see the New York State Education Department website for more information about grades 6-8 science education and this document which discusses performance level descriptions for the eight grade intermediate level science exam.

High School Science - Grades 9-12

Students at Connetquot High School are enrolled into courses in our robust life and physical science program. The High School Science Department offers all four Regents science courses, many advanced placement science courses guided by College Board requirements, and a wide variety of science electives, including some which offer college credit. Many students also enroll in the Connetquot Science Research program. Every year, students share their research in many competitions. Course descriptions are shared in Connetquot High School’s Course Guide.

Founded in conjunction with the Mathematics Department, the Connetquot STEM Academy offers students the opportunity to increase their preparation for entering a STEM major in college and to gain a STEM designation on their diploma. To be eligible for STEM designation, students must complete two courses from the required list in Science, Technology, and Mathematics, in addition to completing Regents Exams in Earth Science, Living Environment, Chemistry, Physics, Algebra I, Geometry, and Algebra II. If the course chosen is an AP course, students are expected to sit for the AP exam. In addition all students must participate in Science Research and create a capstone project or participate in a job or internship experience in a STEM related field. All students will be required to complete either a research paper or a reaction paper. This challenging course of study is recommended for students who intend to study science, engineering, mathematics, computer science or a pre-professional program in college. Students interested in the STEM Academy should discuss their course choices with the head of the departments. The goal of this program is to prepare students to enter competitive college programs and the global workforce.

For access to Honors Science Summer Assignments, log in to your Connetquot Google Account and then click here.

Middle Level Family and Consumer Sciences - Grades 6 & 7

The Connetquot Middle Schools offer students in grades six and seven multiple opportunities to earn their required career and technical education credits. Initially, students will learn basic skills that they can use throughout their lives. Coursework includes an introduction to personal development, food preparation, sanitary measures in the kitchen, basic cooking skills and nutrition. Then, students will dive into learning centered around decision-making skills, financial literacy, career exploration, child development, cooking and nutrition.

Click here to learn more about the New York State Career and Technical Requirement. Course descriptions are shared in the Connetquot Middle School Course Guide.

Intermediate Level Technology Education - Grades 7 & 8

Introduction to Technology is a course of study designed to enable seventh and eighth grade students to understand the concepts that underlie technological systems. Initially, students are introduced to tools and problem solving through hands-on projects. Students are also introduced to the engineering and design processes. Then students have the opportunity to build upon skills learned while learning about coding. This gives students the opportunity to design and fabricate their own projects.

Click here to learn more about the New York State Learning Standards for Technology Education. Course descriptions are shared in the Connetquot Middle School Course Guide.

Commencement Level Family and Consumer Sciences - Grades 9-12

The Family and Consumer Sciences program is a comprehensive program that is designed to meet both the personal and career needs of Connetquot High School students while upholding the New York State FACS Learning Standards. Students may elect to take courses that provide them with knowledge and skills needed for everyday living. Both the Child Development strand and the Culinary strand offer three consecutive courses for students to gain concentrated experiences in areas of interest, or to earn college credit. Course descriptions are shared in Connetquot High School’s Course Guide.

Commencement Level Technology Education - Grades 9-12

The courses offered by the Technology Education Department prepare students to work in, contribute to, profit from and enjoy our increasingly technologically advanced and connected society. Students will be provided with opportunities to develop basic competencies in the areas of production, manufacturing, construction, transportation, electronics and design, with an emphasis on computer use, in alignment with the New York State Learning Standards for Technology. Students who are presently looking to prepare for a specific career are strongly encouraged to choose a comprehensive plan of study, which will provide opportunities to develop the necessary skills to prepare for meaningful employment and create opportunities for advancement.

Technology Education strands are offered in five separate areas. Students may take these courses as electives or pursue a three or five unit strand in technology. To learn more about the strands or Technology Education, see the descriptions shared in Connetquot High School’s Course Guide.