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Oakdale-Bohemia Middle School

60 Oakdale-Bohemia Road
Oakdale, NY 11769-1395
Principal: Susanne Bailey
Assistant Principal: Joseph Piombo

Phone: 631-244-2268
Fax: 631-563-6167

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January and February Students of the Month


                      James Chen               Isabella Parise
                       Lily Crowe              Krish Patel
                       Danielle Delcid                Hailey Priemer
                        Olivia DiGaetano                Valentina Rivera
                    Michael Ibraham              Hunter Sepela
                    Lorenzo Marasciullo           Jayda Singh
                  Hunter Miller            Emily Uettwiller
                   Brendan Murphy           Ashley Wansor
               Vivian Muy          Lily Van Kalmthout

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Monday, 04/05-Holiday Recess

Tuesday, 04/06- A Day

Wednesday, 04/07- B Day

Thursday, 04/08- A Day

Friday, 04/09 -B Day




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Connetquot’s Talented Musicians

Connetquot’s Talented Musicians thumbnail181605
Connetquot’s Talented Musicians thumbnail181606
Connetquot Central School District congratulates the following 93 student-musicians who, in recognition of their talent and hard work, were selected as members of Suffolk County Music Educators’ Association’s and New York State Council of Administrators of Music Education’s All-County bands, choirs and orchestras. In order to be selected, a student must be nominated by a music department staff member at his or her school and then must be voted on by a panel of volunteers from either organization.

Connetquot High School choir director James Nagle, and his colleagues throughout the district’s secondary music department, agree that, “while there are not going to be All-County performances this year due to COVID, these students still very much deserve recognition for their continued musical excellence.”

Oakdale-Bohemia Middle School and Ronkonkoma Middle School students:
Patrick Alvarado (violin)
Edward Benitez (viola)
Alexandra Bianculli (trumpet)
Sophia Calfapietra (voice)
William Carey (baritone)
Ashley Clinnin (voice)
Kieron Conroy (voice)
Gabrielle DeCapua (violin)
Kelsea DeMeo (clarinet)
Nicholas DeRienzis (viola)
Bianca Espinal (voice)
Ella Feehan (violin)
Olivia Ferrentino (voice)
John Finnerty (trombone)
Anabelle Franco (violin)
Erin Friel (voice)
Fiona Gao (clarinet)
Addison Gentile (percussion)
Cristian Goncalves (viola)
Matthew Johnson (cello)
Lily Jonas (bass)
Alex Kamboj (voice)
Anthony Kauffmann (baritone saxophone)
Michael Martinez (violin)
Olivia Medina (cello)
Tyler Morisie (tuba)
Amelia Murphy (flute)
Kirsten Murphy (violin)
Julia Nitzsche (voice)
Grace Nzich (voice)
Michael Patanjo (percussion)
Brandon Perticone (alto saxophone)
Zachary Piscitelli (French horn)
Kaelyn Plamjack (trumpet)
Colette Prainito (voice)
Nyla Rodriguez (voice)
Christopher Roppelt (clarinet)
Ava Ross (voice)
Mia Salerno (voice)
Natalia Scharfenberger (voice)
Elizabeth Smith (voice)
Vanessa Spencer (voice)
Jenna Ulberg (voice)
Xavier Vargas (baritone)
Lilian Virga (Voice)
John Whelan (bass clarinet)
Joyce Zhang (viola)

Connetquot High School students:
Francis Aiello (tuba)
John Patrick Armenia (tuba)
William Ball (tuba)
Emma Brenner (voice)
Ava Buttino (voice)
Kimberly Cascio (voice)
Rocco Castrogiovanni (trumpet)
Jack Dowdell (voice)
Robert Eberle (voice)
Jessica Fasano (mallets)
Alysa Feldman (Bb clarinet)
Kieran Fischer (Bb clarinet)
Paul Foschino (French horn)
Kamryn Goncalves (voice)
Nicholas Gregorek (voice)
Alexander Hoffman (bass clarinet)
Anthony Jackalone (violin)
Lindsey Johnson (voice)
Dominic Kauffman (tenor saxophone)
Isabella Kerr (voice)
Julia Kotliar (voice)
Nicholas Krall (violin)
Jason Le (viola)
Lauren Longo (voice)
Kylie Martinez (violin)
Joseph McGarty (voice)
Evan Mistler (voice)
Emily Morris (violin)
Luke Olsen (voice)
Victoria Otero (violin)
Valerie Passanante (Bb clarinet)
Jaclyn Petrelli (alto saxophone)
Isabela Ragano (voice)
Dakota Ramos (voice)
Andrew Rewkowski (voice)
Nicholas Rizzuto (voice)
Madelyn Rosado (violin)
Ashton Rosato (voice)
Andrew Silvia (viola)
Kaitlyn Smith (violin)
Liam Sommer (voice)
Ingrid Van Dood (voice)
Joseph Velez (French horn)
Julia Wachsmuth (voice)
Rhiannon Whelan (voice)
Ethan Zhang (cello)

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